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I’m so grateful to announce that The Velvet Trunk is back…on ETSY!! For the first time I’m selling the fine art and nature photography that made me love photography in the first place! Please check out my new home! =D
Hello sweet friends, A little over seven years ago I crawled around a dear friend’s backyard, shooting her little baby boy Hudson. I’d just received my first digital camera and the pictures we took that day opened the doors for me to officially start The Velvet Trunk. Now, after almost seven years of doing photography full time, I have closed the business. I will always be a photographer, I’m just not going to be doing it for a living. Over the years there have been some definite rocky patches, but I LOVED my job, and had the best clients a gal could ask for. And I don’t say that lightly—I really did.  But now it’s time for me to walk away and though I guess I don’t need to explain why, I want to. I would be happy to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and tell you all the details, but for now I’ll tell you the two main reasons behind this decision. First of all, after a lot of prayer, I believe with all my heart it’s what I’m supposed to do. Secondly, over the years, shooting has caused damage to my neck which has […]
One day I need to do a blog on how many times I’ve said I’m behind on blogging…. You may remember these two parents (Aimee and Michael) from The Velvet Trunk’s first Mock Maternity Shoot. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to check it out!! You’ll catch a glimpse of why I love these two so much. =D This past November I went back to Atlanta for a shoot, to say goodbye to friends, AND to pick up my new PC (WOOHOO!! Think a MAC, only faster.  ;-)) that Michael designed and built. While I was there we did their little miracle’s one year photo shoot. Lilah is just as full of personality as her parents and even sick, had me in stitches. She was such a little trooper and powered through our shoot like the pro her Momma is. Lilah helping her Daddy work on the computer. =) Aimee’s favorite photo from our shoot. This kid has PERSONALITY. ;-D I love this gal so much and wish the Lord would somehow move Atlanta (and California-might as well ask for both while I’m at it ;-)) closer to Texas. Only Aimee could make me dance like a fool in […]
This was a one-of-a-kind shoot if I ever had one-a mock hot air balloon, Justin Bieber, and a pretend birthday party. Maple’s Mom, Po, along with Toadally Cute Parties hired me to shoot little Maple along with some of the unique party goodies Toadally Cute offers. Huge props to Maple’s Mom for the genius idea of the hot air balloon with Toadally Cute’s balloons. Maple sharing her ride. She thought this was hilarious…lol…. We needed some fun music to wake Maple up, so I turned on my iPod and once Bieber came on (don’t judge-I only have two songs of his ;)) Maple went nuts and danced and danced. You can’t tell, but she’s dancing here. =)
Meet Angela. Sweet as she can be, and such a talented performer and singer! Plus, this gal is probably the most laid back client I’ve ever had. We must have rescheduled our shoot four times because of the weather (rain rain PLEASE go away) and somehow we kept picking the one day it would rain. Got to love it. But she rolled with it, and we flew by the seat of our pants and thanks to her and Amy’s (our makeup artist) flexibility, we made it and had a blast! Here are her headshots! =) My dear friend Amy did Angela’s makeup for the shoot and knocked it out of the park, if I do say so myself. After Amy and I hugged Angela goodbye in the very parking lot of a certain store I might have (*cough*) accidentally broken into a while back, I grabbed some quick shots of her for fun. Here’s one of my favorites. P.S. Today is Amy’s Birthday!!  Happy Birthday, bud! Love you dearly! You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you and a blessing to anyone who crosses your path. You’re a fantastic Mom, friend, wife, etc.  Just an all around amazing woman […]
Meet Jason Crabb and his adorable family, shot for LifeWay’s June 2012 Issue of Parent Life Magazine.  You may recognize Jason as the former lead vocalist of The Crabb Family.  He is now an author, producer, and a solo artist (though the family is getting ready to release their new album “Together Again”), and as has performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to Billy Graham’s farewell crusade in New York City.  Such a humble guy and was so much fun to shoot-had me in stitches! This shoot was really special to me as it was my last shoot as an actual Tennessee resident, just days before we packed up the Uhaul and I headed to Texas. So I must admit I was fighting tears, but they were thankful ones. I have truly been blessed with the best clients a girl could ask for and I’m SO looking forward to coming back for many more shoots! Special thanks goes to Jason’s extended family for allowing us to use your beautiful home to shoot in-you could not have been more gracious hosts! And special thanks to Aly with Wild Cotton Photography (an AMAZINGLY talented photographer!!) for all your help on this shoot. The […]
Here’s a quick sneak peek of shoot I recently did with Isabella, Declan, and their lovely Mom and Dad. More to come soon! =) This is not Photoshop, people. His eyes really are an ice blue. Mom and Dad are going to have to beat the girls off one day!